About us

Oba Global Citizen is a social enterprise with the objective to support economies and human development for sustainability especially in gender equality, trade, technology, climate change and green economy.

Our Responsibility as Global Citizen

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    Our responsibility to understand the ways in which the peoples and countries of the world are inter-connected and interdependent:

    we understand the ways in which the global environment affects us; the ways in which human rights violations in foreign countries can affect our own human rights; how growing income and resource inequalities within and between countries affect the quality of our own lives; how the global tide of immigration affects what goes on in our countries and how our own country’s immigration policies affect other nations.

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    As global citizen, we have the responsibility to understand global issues:

    Global issues are those that cannot be solved by individual nation-states. For example, we understand the impact of the growing scarcity of natural resources on all countries; the challenges presented by the current distribution of wealth and power in the world; the roots of conflict within and between countries and requirements of peacebuilding and peacemaking; and the challenges posed by a growing global population.

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    As global citizen, we have the responsibility to understand our own perspectives and the perspectives of others on global issues:

    Almost every global issue has multiple ethnic, social, political, and economic perspectives attached to it. It is our responsibility as global citizen to understand these different perspectives and work to build common ground solutions. we avoid taking sides with one point of view, and instead search for ways to bring all sides together.

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    We have the mandate to advocate for greater implementation of International Agreements, Conventions, and Treaties (ACTs) related to global issues:

    we have the responsibility to advocate for having countries sign outstanding global agreements that they have not signed and for ratifying and complying with those that they have signed. ACTs are one of the building blocks of global collaboration among countries, collaboration that is essential for building a sustainable world and a typical example is the African Continental Free Trade Agreement between 54 African Countries.

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    We promote and advocate for greater international cooperation between countries and other nations:

    WWhen a global issue arises, it is important that we speak out on how countries can work with other nations to address this issue; and how countries can work more effectively with established International Organizations like the United Nations, rather than proceed on a unilateral course of action.

Our Mission and Vision

We take responsibilities of problems around us, and we pride ourselves in solving these problems for humanity


  • Our vision is to reach 100 Countries over the next 5 years of operations
  • Develop leaders with passion for global impact through global citizenship education and develop a community of impact driven individuals
  • Ensure equality amongst women and build a single border for their business sustainability


Our mission is to support economic and human development in the areas of climate change, intra-regional trade, technology, and green economy.

Gender equality
Climate change

Our Global Project

  • OBA International Market: Supporting women entrepreneurs in International and Cross Border Trade through African Continental Free Trade Area Agreements.
  • OBA Smart Water: A measure to control urbanization in Africa through infrastructural development.
  • OBA Climate-Smart Agriculture: Ensuring food security through sustainable Agriculture through management of landscape, cropland, livestock, forest, and fisheries that interlinked challenges of food security and climate change.
  • OBA Digital Inclusion: Bridging digital divide for the vulnerable and marginalized Africans
  • Reporting Sexual and Gender Base Violence: